1 Foot Vegetable Garden

3x3 Vegetable Garden

3×3 Vegetable Garden

Well…it’s slightly more than a foot…but the idea is that you grow one vegetable within 1 foot square.
My garden is 3×3 by 1 foot deep. My handsome husband deserves a pat on the back for constructing this little garden!!

So we sealed all the wood up, built it and filled it all up with soil/compost. Then I planted in the seedlings of my growing veggies. Some of the seedlings are a bit young I think, so I’m hoping I haven’t moved them too soon, but some of them were definitely ready for a bigger growing space! I also planted the lettuce and carrots which instructed to sow directly.

Also, the pepper seeds didn’t germinate with the other ones…don’t know why, they were in the exact same conditions, but oh well. So I have attempted to just plant straight pepper seeds. I didn’t read up on this or anything, I just grabbed the seeds from a pepper I was using for dinner and planted them in the soil…so we’ll see what happens there!

So there are 9 vegetables planted in my 3×3 foot garden, and I can’t wait for them to start growing to eat them hopefully in a few months!!

Can’t wait to see how my little Garden Experiment turns out!


Vegetable Garden – Seedling

Well it’s been 1 week since I planted my vegetable seeds…and some of them have started to pop through the soil! I’ve got a few pumpkin shoots, Kale, Lettuce and Broccoli so far! Just itty-bitty little baby plants! Now I realized I planted quite a few seeds into these tiny pots…and I’m also not trying to run a farm or anything, so I will have to narrow these down to the healthiest little guys and then go ahead a plant them outside once we build our little garden bed.

Since I’ve never done this before..aside from my own personal “Googling” that I’ll be doing – any first hand tips on how to “thin the crop” without disturbing the other seedlings, or even choosing the right ones would be helpful!!

I’m quite excited about this little project! I really can’t wait to see how it turns out in a few weeks/months time. But seeing the first bit of greenery in the planter pots has made me quite happy!


Little Baby Vegetables!

Little Baby Vegetables!


Vegetable Garden

Veggies in Pots

Veggies in Pots

So I think I may have been bitten by the gardening bug….let’s hope my gardening genetics don’t come from my mom though…or I’m about to kill a lot of plants!  I still don’t really like flowers..they’re nice in other people’s gardens…but I can’t be bothered with them, and I’m more for simplicity and practicality!  So veggies it is!

This is two-fold. I think it will be a fun little project, but the plan is that this substitutes buying veggies from other people (stores).  It seems to me a lot easy to walk out to a garden and pick what you need then going to a shop and buying it from who knows where.

So…this will be my attempt at planting a vegetable garden!  My handsome man is going to build me a little enclosed garden area (since we have a concrete courtyard…obviously we need to start with some dirt!).  But most of the seeds I purchased suggest planting indoors first, so I started that today (aside from a couple that say sow directly).

My garden will consist of
-Tomatoes (I hate tomatoes – so does James, but I can use them to make sauces)
-Green Beans

And of course the pumpkins I started last week (nothing new on them yet…apparently they are “germinating” according to the package).

I’ve also got a few herbs started that I’d like to grow on the trellises
And I’ll decide on probably about 3 more in the next few days.


Can’t wait!! One day when we have our own place…or at least a place with a decent garden space I would LOVE to have a proper vegetable garden/greenhouse that could actually supply our fruit and veggie needs…but I guess we’ll see how this goes first!

Since I’ve never done this before…anybody who has planted their own veggie garden…your thoughts and input are very welcome! Especially with what plant can/do grow vertical, which ones take over gardens and need space and/or any other helpful tid-bits!

I’ll keep you posted!


Garden Project

I know it’s only February and because I live in the UK chances are I won’t get to enjoy a garden until June (and then for only a month or two if I’m lucky), but I have decided my next project is going to be updating our “garden” space.    In reality, it’s just a stone/brick/concrete courtyard. There is no grass to keep up, no flower bed, no hanging planters. On one level, I quite enjoy this. I’m a minimalist gardener anyway. I’m not really into huge flower beds and towering plants. I had weeding, so this is almost a perfect garden…it’s just a little cold and boring looking!  Last summer, we spend a weekend and made some “baseboard” planters, and then planted some ivy in them hoping this will eventually climb up the surrounding wall. We also added some Solar Lights…but most of them don’t see a lot of sun, which defeats the purpose a bit.

One part of gardening I really do like, it herbs and vegetables! I like that they are practical! So this year I want to invest a bit more time into that.  I’ve seen a few really good ideas floating around pinterest that I can’t wait to try out!

I will add a before and after, and hopefully some during, photos…but you’ll have to wait until the weather is at least marginally better before I get a camera outside!

I’m quite excited about this project and can’t wait to have a nice garden area to hang out in during the, brief, summer months!
Check back soon to see photos and updates!