Getting Crafty

Well I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here – but now that I’ve started posting on facebook, best make sure this is at least marginally updated!

So I was thinking the other, as I think many people do, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of extra cash.” But I didn’t really know how to make that happen. I have a job, I’m out a lot of evenings with work or work related things.  I don’t really want to get back into wedding photography – at least not full time – as I like having weekends with my man. Then I was just browsing Pinterest, as you do, and saw a picture of a painted pallet sign and thought “I could do that.” And thanks to having a husband who works in the timber industry, we had a few scrap pieces in the shed from other projects. I did a quick search on how to make these signs, got what I needed…and made a sign!

Sign Family

And it turned out great! I was so impressed with a few time go! So I found some more wood, and got a bit creative.

Signs 1

I’ve now made these 4, and just (almost) finished another 5 today. And get this – I like doing it! So, if all goes well, I could make a few extra pounds/bucks/cash by doing something I enjoy! I’ve already sold one, been asked to make at least one more – so let’s see where this goes!

If you are interested, check on my facebook photos for ones that I have available and am selling (if you’re in the UK anyway).  Or if you want one made – send me a message and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Now off to scrub this paint out from under my nails!


Garden Project – Painting Begins

Painting Trellises

Painting Trellises

We’ve had some pretty good weather this week, so I decided to take advantage of the bits of sun – but more importantly, the no rain!  We have some pretty ugly hanging trellises in our little courtyard. They’ve been there since we’ve moved in and are a bit of an eye sore – alternating blue and red along the wall.  My plan was last year to have the ivy grow up over them and cover them, though I think I was a little optimistic in the speed of growing! So since it’s taking longer, they need to be painted so I don’t have to stare at the ugly colours anymore!

My original idea was to unscrew them from the wall, slap a coat of spray paint on there, let it dry for a few hours and re-attach to the wall (can you tell I’m new this DIY thing -assuming everything will go easy and straightforward!).
Firstly, the screws are too weathered, and screwed in by the hand of God apparently, so I couldn’t get those babies to budge.  So I needed to paint them on the walls without over the walls in paint. I put rubbish bags behind the trellis – problem solved.
Problem Two, the wood is far to porous and needs a base coat…or 4. Problem Three arising from this problem, stores around here didn’t have a spray paint primer of any sort. Back to tin and brush and pain staking job of painting all the little criss-crosses individually.

So almost a week later I’ve got 3/5 basically covered, another one has most of the first coat and one I haven’t touched yet. I expected a job to take a few hours…almost a week later and not done (noting that I haven’t worked on it for hours each day).  I’m hoping for just one more nice day and I SHOULD (fingers crossed) be able to finish it off.

Now I’m just having to decide what colour I want them to be. I have an “Antique White” spray paint that I thought I was going to top coat them with, but I’m not sure if it looks a little too yellowy and if I don’t just prefer the white. Hm, decisions, decisions.

I have some pretty exciting ideas for some lighting that I can’t wait to make happen..but it will probably be in a few weeks. Gotta figure out the logistics of it!