Sugar Free

So I have set another 2 week challenge! Sugar Free for 2 weeks! By sugar-free, I am defining that as processed sugars. So natural occurring sugars such as in fruit, honey or maple syrup are okay. ┬áThe hard bit about this is that sugar is in EVERYTHING! Just read a couple food labels and you’ll see what I mean! Often it’s mixed right in there with the daily staples, like bread, cereal, yoghurt, candy (ok, so that one maybe shouldn’t be daily).

So for 2 weeks I’ll be scrutinizing food labels, and making from scratch if need be! Usually the first week just sucks as the body goes into craving overdrive for some cookies, and cakes and sweets oh my. But after that, it starts to realize “hey, I don’t need that stuff. Wow look at all this energy I’ve got.” And that’s exactly what I’ll need leading up to Kids Camp!

Kids Camp is an awesome 4 days away with about 40 kids – but you can’t really over-estimate just how exhausting it is! So, the more energy I have, and the more my body is functioning healthily, the better!

So 2 weeks…here we go! And yummy suggestions of sugar free food (either to buy or make) are more than welcome! Just post a comment below with your thoughts!