A little about me…

I’m Canadian, and proud to be so! No I am definitely not American, but I won’t freak out on you if you make an honest mistake and call me one…one time grace is given!  I’m the baby of my family with 3 older siblings.  I would like to say I have the best family ever but that would just make you all jealous…but it is true! I have lived in Northern England now since 2011. Since moving over here I met the man of my dreams (with that dreamy British accent!), and in November 2012 I took him off the market…sorry to every other female out there!  We now live in a tiny little cottage under an 11th century Castle…no biggy right?!

I love cooking and baking.  Sadly, I’m not super adventurous and I’m a bit of a picky eater…but let’s see if we can change that a bit.  I also like little DIY projects. I’m not talking about redesigning an entire house from the outside in. I like little manageable projects and impact a space. I’ll post our “garden” project once the weather gets nice enough to take a nice picture.

I work, basically, full time at my local church, Influence Church. I love everything I do there, and everything that is going on, it’s such a blessing and privilege to be a part of everything that is happening there!

If you can’t find me at church, or at home cooking, you could probably find me at one of the local dramatic societies. I love acting and being on stage. And coming soon, I will be playing Anna in The King and I! So excited for that!

Well that’s me in just a few paragraphs. I love my life, and I’m hoping you like what you see of it too!


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