Summer Challenge

In case you hadn’t noticed…summer is almost upon us! Which means it’s almost time for shorts and t-shirts and possibly swim suits!

In just over 4 weeks time James and I will be flying cross the Atlantic and back to my home in Southern Ontario.  I know Canada is stereotypically known for being covered in 8 feet of snow all year round (which is actually closer to the truth this year apparently), however we also get some incredibly hot summers! And not just the nice dry heat where you don’t really realize you’re all that hot, but humidity which makes it feel like you’re swimming in the air!

That said I’m hoping to spend a good few days at a beach or in a pool! So it’s time to shape up! Now please don’t read this as  me having a “fat day” and just complaining and wanting sympathy from friends and readers.  I have full understanding that I’m not fat, and I’m not looking for “oh you don’t need to do anything” (but not mean “fatty” posts either! hehe). What I am looking to do is just take these 4 weeks to eat healthily, and do some exercise so that by the end of it I’m feeling healthy and perhaps a little more toned up!

I also find it much easier to consistently post on here when I’m in the midst of a challenge! So what I’ll try to do it post any exercise routines, and specifically healthy meals.  Note – I don’t really like exercising, so it’s not going to be “Insanity” style routines. On the other hand, I know that there isn’t such a thing as a quick fix.

So, let the 4 weeks of fitness begin!


Recipe Promise

Since I started blogging I’ve been trying to make sure I’ve posted at least once a week…this week I have failed you (depending on how to you look at it). It has been a whole 8 days since I last posted – shock, horror! (Although, I did post last week, and I am posting this week…does that count?).

Easter was super busy this year…and I don’t even have kids! But with planning for our Easter Service, and attending rehearsals, and planning for our Easter Egg Hunt, on top of work and family…well I just lost track of time!

That being said, I did get some time in there to do some delicious baking – and thankfully I was smart enough to take a photo of some of it.

So I promise that within the next few days you will see more lovely recipes that you can try at home! 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend


Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Paige. This is all about me, my house, my family, my life.

I’m just starting, just learning, so bear with me as I work out what works…and what just doesn’t! Any helpful, and friendly, suggestions are welcome and I’ll do what I can to accommodate them!

I’ve never properly blogged before, and who knows, I may be absolutely terrible at it. But we’ll see where it goes!

My guess is that it will soon be filled with recipes, as I love to cook! Most of them will probably be from other sites/sources, but I will always link back to them so they get the credit, and you know where to look for the original.
I also quite like a little DIY and home projects, so I may post a few of those on here as we go along.  Although if you’re looking for “Shabby Chic” you will find no traces of that here!!! And DEFINITELY no bunting!

Have a look around (it won’t take you very long at the moment, there isn’t much to see), and check back, I promise to keep updating and keeping it new.

If you like what you see, why not share it around. The more followers the better!