1 Foot Vegetable Garden

3x3 Vegetable Garden

3×3 Vegetable Garden

Well…it’s slightly more than a foot…but the idea is that you grow one vegetable within 1 foot square.
My garden is 3×3 by 1 foot deep. My handsome husband deserves a pat on the back for constructing this little garden!!

So we sealed all the wood up, built it and filled it all up with soil/compost. Then I planted in the seedlings of my growing veggies. Some of the seedlings are a bit young I think, so I’m hoping I haven’t moved them too soon, but some of them were definitely ready for a bigger growing space! I also planted the lettuce and carrots which instructed to sow directly.

Also, the pepper seeds didn’t germinate with the other ones…don’t know why, they were in the exact same conditions, but oh well. So I have attempted to just plant straight pepper seeds. I didn’t read up on this or anything, I just grabbed the seeds from a pepper I was using for dinner and planted them in the soil…so we’ll see what happens there!

So there are 9 vegetables planted in my 3×3 foot garden, and I can’t wait for them to start growing to eat them hopefully in a few months!!

Can’t wait to see how my little Garden Experiment turns out!


Vegetable Garden – Seedling

Well it’s been 1 week since I planted my vegetable seeds…and some of them have started to pop through the soil! I’ve got a few pumpkin shoots, Kale, Lettuce and Broccoli so far! Just itty-bitty little baby plants! Now I realized I planted quite a few seeds into these tiny pots…and I’m also not trying to run a farm or anything, so I will have to narrow these down to the healthiest little guys and then go ahead a plant them outside once we build our little garden bed.

Since I’ve never done this before..aside from my own personal “Googling” that I’ll be doing – any first hand tips on how to “thin the crop” without disturbing the other seedlings, or even choosing the right ones would be helpful!!

I’m quite excited about this little project! I really can’t wait to see how it turns out in a few weeks/months time. But seeing the first bit of greenery in the planter pots has made me quite happy!


Little Baby Vegetables!

Little Baby Vegetables!


Vegetable Garden

Veggies in Pots

Veggies in Pots

So I think I may have been bitten by the gardening bug….let’s hope my gardening genetics don’t come from my mom though…or I’m about to kill a lot of plants!  I still don’t really like flowers..they’re nice in other people’s gardens…but I can’t be bothered with them, and I’m more for simplicity and practicality!  So veggies it is!

This is two-fold. I think it will be a fun little project, but the plan is that this substitutes buying veggies from other people (stores).  It seems to me a lot easy to walk out to a garden and pick what you need then going to a shop and buying it from who knows where.

So…this will be my attempt at planting a vegetable garden!  My handsome man is going to build me a little enclosed garden area (since we have a concrete courtyard…obviously we need to start with some dirt!).  But most of the seeds I purchased suggest planting indoors first, so I started that today (aside from a couple that say sow directly).

My garden will consist of
-Tomatoes (I hate tomatoes – so does James, but I can use them to make sauces)
-Green Beans

And of course the pumpkins I started last week (nothing new on them yet…apparently they are “germinating” according to the package).

I’ve also got a few herbs started that I’d like to grow on the trellises
And I’ll decide on probably about 3 more in the next few days.


Can’t wait!! One day when we have our own place…or at least a place with a decent garden space I would LOVE to have a proper vegetable garden/greenhouse that could actually supply our fruit and veggie needs…but I guess we’ll see how this goes first!

Since I’ve never done this before…anybody who has planted their own veggie garden…your thoughts and input are very welcome! Especially with what plant can/do grow vertical, which ones take over gardens and need space and/or any other helpful tid-bits!

I’ll keep you posted!


My Own Pumpkin Patch

Last year I discovered that it can be very difficult to get your hands on a pumpkin in the UK!  I have some lovely friends who went out of their way to find me some pumpkins so that I could make some delectable pumpkin pies, and roasted seeds, and pumpkin brownies and other lovely things you can do with pumpkins! It’s even hard to find pre-tinned pumpkin puree!  And forget a pumpkin patch – the closest option is about 45 minutes away, and definitely doesn’t compare to Howell’s!

So I have decided to take matters into my own hands! I’m making my own pumpkin patch!! Obviously, it’s not a farm…but HOPEFULLY it will satisfy all my pumpkin needs this fall!!

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Watch this space to see my little pumpkins grow!!


Have you ever grown pumpkins? Any tips or advice?


Garden Project – Painting

The completed Trellises

The completed Trellises

The painting is complete! It took a little longer than expected, but that’s alright. It’s done and it looks a million times better!!

I decided to go for the “Antique White” colour. As chances are they will start to yellow anyway, so this way at least they are all the same colour of yellowed-white.  It worked out really well, as it sort of matches the wood of the planter boxes below.  By the way, excuse the darkness of the picture, the day I decide to take a picture is the slightly more cloudy day!

As the sun has been shining a lot more around here our small solar lights are starting to light up again. This looks really pretty and nice. Although, we are going to look into some better and brighter ones, as these don’t really light up the garden and the amount they do only lasts for a couple short hours! I’ve got a couple other ideas though to improve the lighting in this area!

Hopefully within the next couple weeks I plan on putting together a little herb garden – got a few cute ideas for those – so stay posted!!




Garden Project – Painting Begins

Painting Trellises

Painting Trellises

We’ve had some pretty good weather this week, so I decided to take advantage of the bits of sun – but more importantly, the no rain!  We have some pretty ugly hanging trellises in our little courtyard. They’ve been there since we’ve moved in and are a bit of an eye sore – alternating blue and red along the wall.  My plan was last year to have the ivy grow up over them and cover them, though I think I was a little optimistic in the speed of growing! So since it’s taking longer, they need to be painted so I don’t have to stare at the ugly colours anymore!

My original idea was to unscrew them from the wall, slap a coat of spray paint on there, let it dry for a few hours and re-attach to the wall (can you tell I’m new this DIY thing -assuming everything will go easy and straightforward!).
Firstly, the screws are too weathered, and screwed in by the hand of God apparently, so I couldn’t get those babies to budge.  So I needed to paint them on the walls without over the walls in paint. I put rubbish bags behind the trellis – problem solved.
Problem Two, the wood is far to porous and needs a base coat…or 4. Problem Three arising from this problem, stores around here didn’t have a spray paint primer of any sort. Back to tin and brush and pain staking job of painting all the little criss-crosses individually.

So almost a week later I’ve got 3/5 basically covered, another one has most of the first coat and one I haven’t touched yet. I expected a job to take a few hours…almost a week later and not done (noting that I haven’t worked on it for hours each day).  I’m hoping for just one more nice day and I SHOULD (fingers crossed) be able to finish it off.

Now I’m just having to decide what colour I want them to be. I have an “Antique White” spray paint that I thought I was going to top coat them with, but I’m not sure if it looks a little too yellowy and if I don’t just prefer the white. Hm, decisions, decisions.

I have some pretty exciting ideas for some lighting that I can’t wait to make happen..but it will probably be in a few weeks. Gotta figure out the logistics of it!


Garden Project

Well, since my last post about my garden project….I haven’t actually done anything productive! Sure I’ve looked all over pinterest at neat ideas. Some of those idea include buying up the road space in front of our cottage to expand our garden, add in a pool and a huge garden fountain. As well as a home outdoor movie theatre. Unfortunately…I think I’m letting my imagination get the best of me. Our garden isn’t so bad anyway. It doesn’t have grass…which means we don’t have to keep cutting it. In the summer, about half of it gets sun light. It’s fairly sheltered and very private.  But it’s just not very homely. It doesn’t beg you to come and spend some time in it (at least for when it’s not rainy).  I said I would post some before and after photos. Well, I don’t have an initial “before” photo. Only one after we added the “baseboard” garden and solar lights.  Here are those…

Garden during the day

Garden during the day

Garden at night

Garden at night

It looks quite cute with the solar lights, but like I said only about half the garden gets sun light…in the summer time when the sun is high enough in the sky to make it over the garden wall, so half of the lights don’t get the sunlight they need to stay lit up. What I’ve been looking for, but can’t seem to find at the moment (suggestions very welcome…or an electrician who could make it for me) are these type of post lights, but with a solar panel that I can stick in a spot that receives sunlight all day.  Still looking!

We started growing some ivy, hoping for it to cover up those ugly trellises, but it isn’t growing as fast as I was hoping…wishing. By the way, my handy dandy husband made those little wooden gardens! Isn’t he great! 😉

So I have a few realistic ideas for this little garden space that I’m hoping to implement over the next few weeks/months…depending on weather.

But I’m interested to know, if this was your space, what would you do?