Garden Project – Painting

The completed Trellises

The completed Trellises

The painting is complete! It took a little longer than expected, but that’s alright. It’s done and it looks a million times better!!

I decided to go for the “Antique White” colour. As chances are they will start to yellow anyway, so this way at least they are all the same colour of yellowed-white.  It worked out really well, as it sort of matches the wood of the planter boxes below.  By the way, excuse the darkness of the picture, the day I decide to take a picture is the slightly more cloudy day!

As the sun has been shining a lot more around here our small solar lights are starting to light up again. This looks really pretty and nice. Although, we are going to look into some better and brighter ones, as these don’t really light up the garden and the amount they do only lasts for a couple short hours! I’ve got a couple other ideas though to improve the lighting in this area!

Hopefully within the next couple weeks I plan on putting together a little herb garden – got a few cute ideas for those – so stay posted!!




3 thoughts on “Garden Project – Painting

  1. It might be worth trying to grow some flowering annuals on your trellises. They’ll only last the season, but they can be fast growing (though maybe not in a shady corner). Black-eyed Susan, Morning Glory, and Nasturtium are all very nice vines. And try fertilizing your plants. It can help a lot!

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