Garden Project

Well, since my last post about my garden project….I haven’t actually done anything productive! Sure I’ve looked all over pinterest at neat ideas. Some of those idea include buying up the road space in front of our cottage to expand our garden, add in a pool and a huge garden fountain. As well as a home outdoor movie theatre. Unfortunately…I think I’m letting my imagination get the best of me. Our garden isn’t so bad anyway. It doesn’t have grass…which means we don’t have to keep cutting it. In the summer, about half of it gets sun light. It’s fairly sheltered and very private.  But it’s just not very homely. It doesn’t beg you to come and spend some time in it (at least for when it’s not rainy).  I said I would post some before and after photos. Well, I don’t have an initial “before” photo. Only one after we added the “baseboard” garden and solar lights.  Here are those…

Garden during the day

Garden during the day

Garden at night

Garden at night

It looks quite cute with the solar lights, but like I said only about half the garden gets sun light…in the summer time when the sun is high enough in the sky to make it over the garden wall, so half of the lights don’t get the sunlight they need to stay lit up. What I’ve been looking for, but can’t seem to find at the moment (suggestions very welcome…or an electrician who could make it for me) are these type of post lights, but with a solar panel that I can stick in a spot that receives sunlight all day.  Still looking!

We started growing some ivy, hoping for it to cover up those ugly trellises, but it isn’t growing as fast as I was hoping…wishing. By the way, my handy dandy husband made those little wooden gardens! Isn’t he great! 😉

So I have a few realistic ideas for this little garden space that I’m hoping to implement over the next few weeks/months…depending on weather.

But I’m interested to know, if this was your space, what would you do?


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