Garden Project

I know it’s only February and because I live in the UK chances are I won’t get to enjoy a garden until June (and then for only a month or two if I’m lucky), but I have decided my next project is going to be updating our “garden” space.    In reality, it’s just a stone/brick/concrete courtyard. There is no grass to keep up, no flower bed, no hanging planters. On one level, I quite enjoy this. I’m a minimalist gardener anyway. I’m not really into huge flower beds and towering plants. I had weeding, so this is almost a perfect garden…it’s just a little cold and boring looking!  Last summer, we spend a weekend and made some “baseboard” planters, and then planted some ivy in them hoping this will eventually climb up the surrounding wall. We also added some Solar Lights…but most of them don’t see a lot of sun, which defeats the purpose a bit.

One part of gardening I really do like, it herbs and vegetables! I like that they are practical! So this year I want to invest a bit more time into that.  I’ve seen a few really good ideas floating around pinterest that I can’t wait to try out!

I will add a before and after, and hopefully some during, photos…but you’ll have to wait until the weather is at least marginally better before I get a camera outside!

I’m quite excited about this project and can’t wait to have a nice garden area to hang out in during the, brief, summer months!
Check back soon to see photos and updates!


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