Clean Eating Day 14

Well this is it! This is the final day!!! I`ve officially completed my 14 Day Clean Eating Challenge. For the past 14 days I`ve not eaten any refined flour or sugar (eg. no white flour, no white sugar, and only 1 Tbsp of brown sugar), no artificial flavours/colours/sweeteners, no processed food. I have cooked probably 95% of the meals I’ve eaten from scratch so that I know EXACTLY what is going into eat meal and therefore exactly what is going into my body!

14 days later, and I feel great! I feel healthy, I feel like I have more energy, I feel like I have a boosted immune system. I’m pretty sure that it can’t be all coincidence that these benefits have come during these last 14 days. What we eat is so important. It’s our fuel for the day, and the type of fuel you put in will directly affect the output – short term and long term!

Now, I don’t plan on living like this forever. I would really miss chocolate bars, and crisps, and some other tasty treats, but I do plan on making a more conscience effort to really watch what I’m eating and to choose more often than not to put only good clean food into me! Let’s call it an 80-20 rule!  80% of the time I will try to eat what I know is good and healthy and 20% of the time I’ll eat whatever the heck I want!

It’s not that hard, and it’s not that time consuming, and it’s not really anymore expensive than a “normal” food shop!   Why not try it! REALLY, try it! What’s the worst that could happen?! I can almost guarantee you will feel better for it.

Here are the final things I’ve eaten for day 14 of this challenge!

BREAKFAST: Homemade Granola with Milk

That’s the last of the granola…but it lasted 2 weeks!!

LUNCH: Sunday Roast

As usual, went to my parents-in-law for lunch.  And aside from some gravy, everything else was fresh and homemade – chicken, veg, potatoes.


DINNER: Whole wheat pasta and cheese

Got home and didn’t feel like spending anytime cooking, so just popped in some wholewheat pasta and added some parmesan cheese on top. Simple, easy peasy!


That’s it! 14 days complete! I’m going to eat a proper chocolate bar tomorrow – if anyone finds me in a sugar coma you know it’s because I’ve overloaded after 2 weeks of nothing. That being said – I don’t have a sugar craving and could probably go quite a bit longer without chocolate/sugar.  But I am feeling like I deserve a chocolate bar after everything I’ve passed up this week!!

Now that this is over, we’ll have to see what new project I can take on and inspire people with! Any suggestions?


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