Clean Eating Day 9

Here is another post all about leftovers.  Tuesday’s are just VERY busy days. I’m not getting home until about 9:30-10 at night, so James is on his own for dinner and I need to bring something with me from the beginning of the day. We all know that these days happen, and it’s great to have leftovers in the fridge! Even to prepare to have leftovers by making just a little bit more the night before! So there are no new recipes in this post – although there is meal, but I’ll post the recipe on Day 10.

BREAKFAST: Homemade Granola and Milk

This granola is lasting so long, and it’s so good! I’ll definitely be making it again!

LUNCH: Left over burgers.

Just packed up some burgers and a bun and some chips and there was lunch for the day! Burgers are just as good re-heated!

DINNER: BBQ Chicken Salad

When we BBQ’d the burgers the night before, I stuck on 2 chicken breasts as well so they would be ready to use!  Now, I wasn’t home in time to each this tonight, so I saved mine for Lunch tomorrow. James had his portion- however without the homemade dressing which ended up being DELICIOUS (he really missed out on that!) Since I’ll be making the dressing in the morning to go with my lunch, I’ll post the recipe there!


You don’t have to rely on packaged, or frozen or take out on days when you’re busy. Just plan ahead a bit and you can still eat well! It only takes a few minutes to add a bit extra the night before!


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