Clean Eating Day 7

Well, it’s been a week. Half way through.  There have been only a slight few slip ups/cheats here and there, but nothing to really fuss about. But I must say, 7 days in and I can already feel a difference. Yes I would really love to eat a lovely chocolate bar, or indulge in some of the Chocolate Boxes we have left from Christmas. Or even eat a Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich (I’ve only got the stuff at home that’s packed full of the “bad stuff” so I’m avoiding at the moment). But I am getting through and I’m finding I have loads more energy. I wake up in the morning, almost, actually awake (nobody ever REALLY wants to get up in the morning, come on).  I feel healthier, and I feel like I can take a bit more control over the food I eat. One of the great things about the recipes I’ve used so far, is that none of them are difficult or time consuming! I think basically anyone could make them to a good standard! So really, I highly encourage everyone to give this challenge a go. I’m only 7 days in and recommending it, I think by 14 I’ll be pushing it on everyone!

Here’s the food I’ve eaten today

BREAKFAST: Scrambled Eggs

Just scrambled up 2 eggs and enjoyed while watching some more Olympic Coverage

LUNCH: Sunday Roast

We always go to James’ parents for Sunday lunch, and she tried to stay in this “clean food” diet for me – so sweet! So it was a pork chop, potatoes and veggies. Can’t really go wrong with that! I did have a bit of gravy which probably wasn’t totally free from “bad stuff” but you can’t have a Sunday lunch without gravy!

DINNER: Left over Chicken and Broccoli Tetrazinni

Just as good second time round! And handy to just heat up after a busy Sunday!

7 days in, 7 to go. But I am really liking this shift and plan on sticking to it more than before this challenge. I think it’s just a better way of eating and a better way of living (health wise).

Thanks to everyone who has followed this blog so far, and I hope you’ll try out some of these recipes for yourselves!


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