Clean Eating Day 4

This post is all about left overs!

Unfortunately I woke up this morning feel rubbish. Blocked nose, sore throat, headache, the works! Lucky for me, this day had already been pre-planned as a left over day.  Still have some baked potatoes in the fridge, also some “pizza explosion” from last night.

BREAKFAST: Homemade Yoghurt and Granola

Check out Clean Eating Day 1 for the recipes for both of these.

LUNCH: Smoothie

As I’m not feeling brilliant, just small meals will tide me over. It’s go fruit and veggies in it, so it’s nice and healthy, hopefully helping to boost my immune system

DINNER: Leftover Pizza Explosion & Baked Potatoes with Salad

Simple, easy, no fuss. Just heat up and eat (preferably in the oven, but microwave isn’t going to kill you).

I’ve still got left over Roasted Chickpeas, and veggies are always a good snack too throughout the day. As well, I’m learning that raisins help to curb that sweet craving.  They are sweet and delicious – and natural – bonus!  So if you’re desperate for some sweets (Candy) or a chocolate bar, try eating some raisins first and see if that doesn’t satisfy the craving!


I’ve also come to the realization today, that many cold/flu medicines have a lot of junk in them besides medication.  Why not leave a comment below on some of the more natural remedies you’ve found that help cold and flu.


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