Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Paige. This is all about me, my house, my family, my life.

I’m just starting, just learning, so bear with me as I work out what works…and what just doesn’t! Any helpful, and friendly, suggestions are welcome and I’ll do what I can to accommodate them!

I’ve never properly blogged before, and who knows, I may be absolutely terrible at it. But we’ll see where it goes!

My guess is that it will soon be filled with recipes, as I love to cook! Most of them will probably be from other sites/sources, but I will always link back to them so they get the credit, and you know where to look for the original.
I also quite like a little DIY and home projects, so I may post a few of those on here as we go along.  Although if you’re looking for “Shabby Chic” you will find no traces of that here!!! And DEFINITELY no bunting!

Have a look around (it won’t take you very long at the moment, there isn’t much to see), and check back, I promise to keep updating and keeping it new.

If you like what you see, why not share it around. The more followers the better!


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