14 Day Clean Eating Challenge

My 2014 Resolution has been to start eating more healthily.  Now I’m not really into fast food (James can attest I try to avoid McDonalds at all costs), and it’s not like all I eat are chocolate bars, crisps (those are chips to my Canadian and American readers). But it’s trying to make a conscience choice of the food I am putting into my body. There are some foods that are tasty, but really have no nutritional value – so why not try to substitute it for something equally as tasty and that is good for me!  So that is my 2014 goal, in with the good, out (mostly) with the junk.

So I’ve been shopping for fruit and veg as much as I can at our local Saturday market. I’m starting to make the switch from Superstore Tesco Meat to Local Butcher Meat (which I’ve discovered in some cases is actually cheaper than Tesco!!).

But as a massive kick start to it all, I am going to try a 14 day clean eating challenge.
This means no refined flours, no sugar, and no processed food. James may sneak in a few chocolate bars and treats, but for two weeks no such things shall pass my lips.

I don’t plan on living like this forever.  Just two weeks, and hopefully with all the good stuff in my body, and the amount of time bad stuff has been out I won’t have that over powering craving of pass-me-that-chocolate-whatever.

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me how I’m going to do this, what recipes am I going to use, how I’ve planned out when to eat what and how to pre-prepare anything. So over the next 2 weeks I will post the recipes I’m using, how long they take to make, if they turn out any good, photos to make it look more appetizing (hopefully), and any pre-prep I’m doing.

These recipes are not originally my own. I found the 14 day challenge on pinterest and was linked to another blog (check out this link for the rest of her recipes).  I may make slight changes based on what James and I like and don’t like, but the basic recipes are other people’s creations.

If it all goes really well and according to plan, I may encourage others to do it as well, and I’ll post my own shopping list so you know what you need to make it through (with adjustments for family size/likes/dislikes).

Wish Me Luck!


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